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scrypt | port 7777
currently mining
sha-256 | 8888
currently mining
x11 | 11111
currently mining
Pool Round Exchange
Coin Hashrate Time Rate (/BTC) Profitability
Scrypt most profitable
(MP) MONA 18885.2 MH/s 0h7m 0.00042442 0.00019068
MOON 25.3 MH/s 0h28m 0.00000000 0.00015752
x11 most profitable
(MP) DRK 3049.9 MH/s 0h37m 0.01124570 0.00022174
CANN 11.2 MH/s 3h22m 0.00001830 0.00018252
SHA-256 most profitable
(MP) BTC 268.5 TH/s 11h8m 1.00000000 0.00001061
PPC 2 TH/s 4h52m 0.00100673 0.00000963
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2015-04-17T01:14:35Z Cryptsy has re-enabled their ANC wallet, and ANC withdrawals have been re-enabled. All existing ANC addresses have been cleared to ensure that people do not send ANC to exchanges which are now defunct or no longer trade ANC. You will need to re-add your ANC address in order to withdraw.

2015-03-02T20:54:18Z If you are a resident of the State of New York, you should be concerned about the BitLicense proposal. If BitLicense goes into effect as written, Multipool will no longer be able to serve residents of New York. I encourage our New York users to submit a public comment before March 27th, when the current comment period ends. If you need further information, or help submitting your comment, please contact us via e-mail at admin@multipool.us.

2015-02-25T05:57:23Z We are now merge mining DOGE and VIA across all Scrypt pools.

2015-02-23T22:55:05Z Our friends over at Celery, a new Bitcoin exchange, are looking for more sell volume, and are paying about a 1% premium over Coinbase for those wanting to sell their Bitcoins. In addition, they are offering a $10 bonus for new accounts. You can signup here:http://gocelery.com?r=ea8c7bd6b1764ea19ba300cc2c31dbd7

2015-02-23T10:37:41Z We are making some code changes in preparation for merge mining additional Scrypt coins. Merge coin (i.e. DOGE) hashrates will no longer display in the site header and on the statistics pages. Rest assured your shares are still merge mining DOGE and will be merging with additional coins soon.

2015-02-23T06:24:24Z Netcoin is now available for mining on port 3355.

2015-02-22T07:30:24Z Several of the ads on the site, including the banner ad at the top of every page, will no longer appear for users who are donating at least 1% of their earnings.

2015-02-22T04:34:26Z CannabisCoin is now available for mining on port 3375.

2015-02-16T08:16:53Z Anoncoin is being removed from Bittrex. We are currently not processing ANC withdrawals, however, once Cryptsy re-enables their ANC wallet we will turn withdrawals back on. At that point any queued withdrawals will be sent out, so if you currently have an ANC address at Bittrex saved to your profile, please remove it or replace it with another address. As always, if you would like to request a manual withdrawal, please email us.

2015-02-15T23:37:48Z Reported profitability numbers for yesterday and today are about half of the actual profitability. There was a bug introduced about 2 days ago that caused this which has been fixed.

Recently Added Currencies
Stratum Port
Current Profitability
DigiByte (Scrypt)Scrypt33510.00014370
1x11 profitability cannot be estimated accurately vs. Scrypt due to hardware differences.
2Scrypt-N profitability can be divided by 2 to approximate equivalent Scrypt profitability.

Multiports - Recent Profitability
PeriodAvg. Profitability
(ending Apr 19 0:00 UTC)Scrypt
1 day 0.00015765 0.00001071 0.00000000 0.00022108
3 days 0.00016337 0.00001511 0.00000000 0.00024538
10 days 0.00017651 0.00001203 0.00000000 0.00027917
1x11 profitability cannot be estimated accurately vs. Scrypt due to hardware differences.
2Scrypt-N profitability can be divided by 2 to approximate equivalent Scrypt profitability.

Welcome to Multipool!

Welcome to Multipool™, the original profit-switching cryptocoin mining pool. Mine your favorite coin, or point your miners at one of our Multiports™ and always be mining the most profitable coin!

If you are a new user, please create an account. Then click "Help", and follow the instructions on that page.

Why use Multipool?

  • All Scrypt coins are Merge Mined with Dogecoin. Mine any coin and get extra Doge for free!
  • Get your coins faster! Most of our currencies pay out after 20 confirmations or fewer. Hold the currencies you want to use or think will appreciate in value, and sell the rest before other pools dump!
  • Low, fee-free auto pay thresholds and fee-free daily payouts are available with even lower thresholds.
  • Cryptsy integration makes withdrawals a snap!
  • Our pools run on Enterprise-grade, fully redundant dedicated servers.
  • DDOS-protected website and Stratum ports.
  • Our admin never sleeps! Not really, but we do try to respond to users and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
  • Our modified proportional payout system means that you can be sure every share you submit will be paid. No shares are discarded without being paid. Our method is resistant to pool hoppers.

Multipool uses the following ports and addresses:

Multiports: Automatic Profit-switching ports
AlgorithmURL (US)URL (EU)
sha-256 ASIC
sha-256 ASIC
BTC low diff1:
All stratum ports are now DDOS-Protected.
1Low difficulty ports only have a lower starting difficulty; Our Bitcoin ports use variable difficulty.
Direct ports: For mining a single coin
Bitcoin (BTC):3332Litecoin (LTC):3334
Bitcoin (Low difficulty):93323337
Freicoin (FRC):3341Monacoin (MONA)3356
PeerCoin (PPC):3335WorldCoin (WDC)3342
Terracoin (TRC):3333DigitalCoin (DGC)3343
Zetacoin (ZET):3350NovaCoin (NVC)3344
MazaCoin (MZC):33633378
MyriadCoin (MYR)3369Anoncoin (ANC)3340
Unbreakablecoin (UNB)3372Neutrinocoin (NTR)3361
Unobtanium (UNO)3353DigiByte (DGB)3351
Potcoin (POT)3346
Scrypt-NViacoin (VIA)3355
VertCoin (VTC)3365MegaCoin (MEC)3348
Rotocoin (RT2)3368BottleCaps (CAP)3349
ExeCoin (EXE)3367Nautiluscoin (NAUT)3354
x11FedoraCoin (TIPS)3357
DarkCoin (DRK)3371Mooncoin (MOON)3358
CannabisCoin (CANN)3375Auroracoin (AUR)3362
LitecoinX (LTCX)3373Spots v2 (SPT)3374
Urea (URO)3377
Karmacoin (KARM)3376

Payouts are processed every 30 minutes.