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scrypt | port 7777
currently mining
sha-256 | 8888
currently mining
x11 | 11111
currently mining
Pool Round Exchange
Coin Hashrate Time Rate (/BTC) Profitability
Scrypt most profitable
(MP) LTC 13098.3 MH/s 1h31m 0.01252020 0.00015160
MONA 1533.6 MH/s 2h49m 0.00048033 0.00014543
x11 most profitable
(MP) DRK 1139.9 MH/s 2h41m 0.01097640 0.00026718
URO 0 MH/s 10h3m 0.00014134 0.00019947
SHA-256 most profitable
(MP) FRC 76.2 TH/s 0h12m 0.00000471 0.00000956
BTC 151.6 TH/s 12h47m 1.00000000 0.00000928
Bitcoin XT Merged Mining
BXT 61.6 TH/s 0h0m 1.00000000 0.00000928
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Site News

2015-08-28T15:34:32Z Potcoin (POT) has gone full Proof-of-Stake and will be removed within a few weeks. Please withdraw your coins.

2015-08-25T20:45:19Z Good news everyone! Merged mining is now enabled on all SHA-256 ports, except for FRC and the standard BTC port.

2015-08-21T18:48:00Z Good news! There was a bug in our version of Unobtanium that resulted in no blocks being found. We upgraded, and now we are finding merged blocks! We will also be adding Huntercoin to the merged coins today.

2015-08-18T16:42:16Z We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new Bitcoin pool on port 3345, running Bitcoin XT, merged mining UNO, NMC, and IXC.

2015-08-14T20:31:20Z PSA: The Litecoin block reward will be halving in approximately 10 days.

2015-08-09T18:36:11Z Multipool has not applied for New York's Bitlicense, so accordingly, as of August 10th, we may no longer do business with residents of the State of New York. If you are a resident of New York, please withdraw all coins and cease mining on Multipool. Over the next few weeks we will be taking steps to block access from IPs originating in New York.

2015-07-29T18:57:54Z The POT wallet, along with mining, are currently offline. Until we can validate that we are running the correct version and are on the correct chain, withdrawals and mining will remain disabled for POT.

2015-07-07T18:03:27Z We've been under sporadic DDOS attack over the past few days. If you have been unable to connect, this is likely the reason.

2015-06-01T07:52:43Z We are currently unable to connect to any Unbreakablecoin (UNB) network nodes. If you know of any working nodes please email support. Until working nodes can be found, UNB withdrawals will be paused.

2015-05-07T06:31:56Z Our new hot wallet server is live. Payouts and new block scanning have resumed for the affected coins. Thanks for your patience.

Bitcoin Merged Mining
Bitcoin Merged Mining (0% fee) is now available on port 3345.
We are pleased to offer a Bitcoin pool running Bitcoin XT v0.11a.
  • 0% PPLNS fee
  • User-selectable difficulty
  • PPLNS payouts (PPS will be offered soon!)
  • Merged Mining with:
    • Namecoin (NMC)
    • IXCoin (IXC)
    • Unobtanium (UNO).
IMPORTANT: New York State Residents
This pool is not licensed to do business with New York State residents.
This mining pool has not applied for New York's "BitLicense". Accordingly, as of August 10, 2015, we must cease doing business with persons residing in the State of New York. If you are a resident of New York, you may no longer use this service. Please withdraw all coins and cease mining immediately. Over the next few weeks, we will begin to block IP addresses originating within New York. By continuing to use the pool for any purpose other than withdrawing your funds, you affirm that you are not subject to New York regulations. If you have any questions, please email us.

Recently Added Currencies
Stratum Port
Current Profitability
DigiByte (Scrypt)Scrypt33510.00010145
1x11 profitability cannot be estimated accurately vs. Scrypt due to hardware differences.
2Scrypt-N profitability can be divided by 2 to approximate equivalent Scrypt profitability.

Multiports - Recent Profitability
PeriodAvg. Profitability
(ending Aug 28 0:00 UTC)Scrypt
1 day 0.00011350 0.00000847 0.00049771
3 days 0.00014198 0.00000713 0.00049698
10 days 0.00020898 0.00000931 0.00041425
1x11 profitability cannot be estimated accurately vs. Scrypt due to hardware differences.
2Scrypt-N profitability can be divided by 2 to approximate equivalent Scrypt profitability.

Welcome to Multipool!

Welcome to Multipool™, the original profit-switching cryptocoin mining pool. Mine your favorite coin, or point your miners at one of our Multiports™ and always be mining the most profitable coin!

If you are a new user, please create an account. Then click "Help", and follow the instructions on that page.

Why use Multipool?

  • All Scrypt coins are Merge Mined with Dogecoin. Mine any coin and get extra Doge for free!
  • Get your coins faster! Most of our currencies pay out after 20 confirmations or fewer. Hold the currencies you want to use or think will appreciate in value, and sell the rest before other pools dump!
  • Low, fee-free auto pay thresholds and fee-free daily payouts are available with even lower thresholds.
  • Cryptsy integration makes withdrawals a snap!
  • Our pools run on Enterprise-grade, fully redundant dedicated servers.
  • DDOS-protected website and Stratum ports.
  • Our admin never sleeps! Not really, but we do try to respond to users and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
  • Our modified proportional payout system means that you can be sure every share you submit will be paid. No shares are discarded without being paid. Our method is resistant to pool hoppers.

Multipool uses the following ports and addresses:

Multiports: Automatic Profit-switching ports
AlgorithmURL (US)URL (EU)
sha-256 ASIC
sha-256 ASIC
BTC low diff1:
All stratum ports are now DDOS-Protected.
1Low difficulty ports only have a lower starting difficulty; Our Bitcoin ports use variable difficulty.
Direct ports: For mining a single coin
Bitcoin (BTC):3332 (low-diff 9332)Litecoin (LTC):3334
Bitcoin XT Merged (BXT):3345Litecoin (LTC):3334
Freicoin (FRC):3341Monacoin (MONA)3356
PeerCoin (PPC):3335WorldCoin (WDC)3342
Terracoin (TRC):3333DigitalCoin (DGC)3343
Zetacoin (ZET):3350NovaCoin (NVC)3344
MazaCoin (MZC):3363
MyriadCoin (MYR)3369Anoncoin (ANC)3340
Unbreakablecoin (UNB)3372Neutrinocoin (NTR)3361
Unobtanium (UNO)3353DigiByte (DGB)3351
x11Potcoin (POT)3346
Dash/Darkcoin (DASH)3371Viacoin (VIA)3355
CannabisCoin (CANN)3375MegaCoin (MEC)3348
Urea (URO)3377BottleCaps (CAP)3349
Karma (KARM)3376Nautiluscoin (NAUT)3354
FedoraCoin (TIPS)3357
Mooncoin (MOON)3358
Auroracoin (AUR)3362
Spots v2 (SPT)3374

Payouts are processed every 30 minutes.