SHA-256 Most Profitable

Scrypt Most Profitable

X11 Most Profitable

  • Scrypt Most Profitable
  • Verge
  • 0.00 GH/s

Scrypt Most Profitable Currencies

Coin Pool Hashrate Last Block Exchange Rate Profitability
0 MH/s13657h37m0.000000000.00094041
0 MH/s14042h57m0.000000000.00031011
0 MH/s13656h24m0.000000000.00025083
0 MH/s13655h28m0.000000000.00019814
0 MH/s13659h16m0.000000000.00018525
  • SHA-256 Most Profitable
  • DigiByte (SHA256)
  • 0.00 PH/s

SHA-256 Most Profitable Currencies

Coin Pool Hashrate Last Block Exchange Rate Profitability
0 PH/s13655h36m0.000000000.01986830
0 PH/s10320h36m1.000000000.01815520
0 PH/s13670h20m0.000000000.01744270
0 PH/s13655h23m0.000000000.00000000
0 PH/s15136h58m0.000000000.00000000
  • X11 Most Profitable
  • Dash
  •  0.00 TH/s

X11 Most Profitable Currencies

Coin Pool Hashrate Last Block Exchange Rate Profitability
0 MH/s14759h16m0.000000000.00000224
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ATTENTION: New York State Residents

Multipool is not licensed to do business with New York State residents.
Multipool has not applied for New York's "BitLicense". Accordingly, as of August 10, 2015, we must cease doing business with persons residing in the State of New York. If you are a resident of New York, you may no longer use this service. Please withdraw all coins and cease mining immediately. Over the next few weeks, we will begin to block IP addresses originating within New York. By your agreement to these terms, you affirm that you are not a resident of New York. If you have any questions, please email us.

Multipool Privacy Policy

Collecting personal information
Multipool does not collect any personal information about its users. The only information required to sign up for an account is an email address. User IP addresses may appear in server logs or be saved in our database.
This site uses cookies for session persistence. We do not use any 'tracking cookies', however these may be set by other sites that we link to or display content from. In order for the Multipool web site to function correctly, cookies must be enabled for at least the domain.
Personal Information
Multipool considers all user information confidential, and will not knowingly reveal user e-mail, IP addresses, or other details to third parties, unless we are legally required to provide this information to law enforcement. If you ask specific questions about your account or earnings in a public forum, we may respond in public with actual (non-personally-identifying) account information including hashrate, earnings and balance details. If you would like to keep your account information private, use private channels to ask about your account.

Multipool Plain English Terms of Use™

By using this site you agree to the following:
You agree to keep your account information secret, use a complex, unique password, and change your password immediately if it becomes compromised.
Account Activity
Accounts that are inactive for more than one year may be locked and all funds moved to cold storage. Funds in cold storage may take 1-3 days or more to be made available.
Accounts that are inactive for more than 1.5 years will be completely removed. Any assets remaining in the account at the time of removal will become the property of Multipool.
You agree to notify Multipool admins immediately if you discover or suspect any security vulnerability in the site. Users who exploit or attempt to exploit any security vulnerability, or suspected security vulnerability, or users who publicly reveal the personal information of any Multipool user or Administrator will be banned.
Banned users will be notified by an e-mail to the e-mail address on file. Banned users may no longer use the website or the pools and may not sign up for new accounts. If a user account is banned, all earnings in their account as of the ban time will be forfeited.
Multipool does not allow botnets. Users suspected of running a botnet will be contacted using their registered email address and asked to provide documentation of their permission to use the systems involved. If the user does not respond in 3 days the account will be banned.
Reward System
Multipool uses several different reward systems. The reward system parameters for each coin can be found on the Help page.
Mining Returns
Coin mining is extremely luck based. This site does not guarantee any particular return on mining time or hashpower, only that any blocks found will be divided as specified under "Reward System" above. All return rates displayed on the site are estimates based on statistical averages.
Daily profitability numbers are calculated via automated processes, are not audited and may not represent accurate profitability. Users of these data assume full liability for any monetary gains or losses incurred via the use of the same for any business purpose.
Digital Asset Storage
You are strongly encouraged to move your rewards off the pool and into a wallet that you control. Although Multipool takes multiple precautions to keep our users' money safe, there is always the potential that coins stored on our servers could be lost or stolen. You, the user, assume this risk for any coins left in Multipool's wallets in excess of minimum withdraw thresholds.
Digital Asset Splits/Forks
Digital Assets may 'split' or 'fork' into multiple assets from time to time, creating duplicate assets on two different blockchains (for example, BTC and BCH). As stated above, Multipool is not a coin bank or exchange. You agree that these splits or forks do not create any obligation on Multipool's part to obtain or provide assets on any forked or split blockchains, even if Multipool decides to mine on these chains. Users wishing to claim coins from forked or split assets should withdraw the assets into personally controlled wallets before the date of split.
Digital Asset Removal
Assets/coins may be removed from time to time due to change of algorithm, unprofitability, coin network instability, or other factors. When a coin is scheduled to be removed, official notices will be placed in the site news and via our Google+ account at least two weeks before the removal takes place. Any digital assets remaining in user accounts at the removal date will become the property of Multipool.
This pool does not offer any type of uptime guarantee. Users will not be compensated in any way for website or pool downtime. Users are encouraged to set up auto withdraw and configure backup pools within their mining software in the case of unexpected downtime.
Withdrawals are processed every 30 minutes. Withdrawals for specific assets may be disabled from time to time for various reasons, including coin network instability, maintenance, etc.
Exchange Integration
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, integration(s) with exchange(s) are provided for user convenience only and do not imply any partnership or affiliation with an exchange. From time to time we may take reasonable precautions to prevent users from sending their coins to any exchanges that may be defunct, however, the user is ultimately responsible for controlling the destination of their coins.
Abusive Communications
Abusive communications via e-mail or social media will not be tolerated and are grounds for account termination and banning.
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